At Delphi Bank, our priority is to provide you with a safe and secure Internet banking service that matches the highest industry standards. We use a range of measures to protect your financial information, including providing you with your own customer ID number and a temporary password (which you can immediately change to one of your choice).

And our security token system makes Internet banking safer than ever. This easy-to-use token offers an extra level of safety for all your external payments and can only be used in conjunction with your customer ID number and password. If your account has multiple users, you can obtain more than one security token.

We will respond immediately if you have any security concerns. If you lose your token, simply notify us and we will send you a replacement straight away. If there is ever an unauthorised transaction on your account, we will refund that amount in full if you have protected your customer ID number and password appropriately and if you have observed our Internet banking terms and conditions.

Your contribution to security

There are also actions you can take to further improve Internet banking security:

  • Never disclose your customer ID number or password to anyone. We will never ask you for these details by email or over the telephone.
  • Make sure that your computer has current anti-virus and firewall software and keep these updated.
  • Never click on or open email attachments from people you don’t know.
  • Check for a padlock symbol, normally in the bottom right hand corner of your browser.
  • Never access online banking from a link in an email.
  • Don’t send your account or card details to anyone via email.
  • Never leave the computer unattended while you are logged into Internet Banking – remember to log off when you finish your transactions.
  • Shred any personal information that you print off.
  • Avoid using computers in public places, such as libraries or internet cafes, for online banking.
  • Report any suspicious activity or transactions to us immediately by telephoning 1300 660 550.

Internet Banking