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Closing an Account

You can close an account by visiting the branch where your account is held.

Prior to closing your account you should ensure that all outstanding cheques have been presented and that all Direct Debit authorities given to other parties have been cancelled. We reserve the right to dishonour any cheques or Direct Debits presented for payment after the account has been closed.

When the account is closed you must return to us (if applicable) any unused cheques and/or any electronic cards that relate to your account, and you must not use the linked Visa Debit Card (if applicable).

What happens to my account balance? 

On closing your account, the credit (positive) balance of the account plus any accrued interest less any account fees and charges (including any Government charges) up to the closing date will be paid to you.

Any part of your account balance that has uncleared funds will not be available until the funds have been cleared.

Monthly fees will apply even though the account has been open for only part of the month.

If your account has a debit (negative) balance, you must pay this balance plus all accrued interest and any account fees and charges (including any Government charges) to us before your account is closed.

If the account was overdrawn when it was closed, please refer to Overdrawing your Account. 

We reserve the right not to close an account if there are any liabilities (actual or contingent) owing to us.

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