Xero Accounting Software

Direct feeds into Xero online accounting software is now available at Delphi Bank.

Xero helps connect you with your numbers, your business and us, your Bank. Anytime, anywhere from any device.

From baking to bricklaying, consulting to crafting – whatever keeps you busy, Xero makes your business life easier. We understand that small businesses need effective financial planning and accounting to achieve growth and profitability.

Xero is based on the principle that small businesses are highly sensitive to shifts in their balance sheet and cash flow. Their ability to monitor financial performance in real time and plan ahead is crucial.

At its core, Xero is an easy-to-use but powerful online accounting platform designed from the ground up for the cloud, not adapted from desktop software. Xero provides a growing family of connected solutions:

  • Client account for small business available anywhere, at any time and on  mobile devices.
  • Accounts tools for management reporting and final accounts production.

Business owner? Speak to your accountant to give Xero a go or check out the Xero website. Accountant? Send a call request to find out more or visit the Xero website.

Xero features

Collaborate in the cloud

Bringing more heads to your books is easy with Xero. Just give Xero (accountants & bookkeepers) access and they will log in, look at your numbers and give you advice. Perfect for spotting opportunities and nipping problems in the bud.

Mobile access

On the move? Access accounts, check balances, upload receipts and invoice customers from your smartphone or tablet (while kicking back at your favourite cafe) with Xero’s iPhone or Android app.

Reconcile from anywhere

Xero receives your bank statements automatically via a secure connection, making it a breeze to reconcile and gain a complete and up-to-date snapshot of your business.

Painless payroll

Being an accounting and payroll solution in one, Xero turns the old days of manual entry on its head. Super payments and tax updates are automatic, plus a special portal gives you a complete snapshot of your payroll and leave.


Login and send an invoice the minute a job is done. You get notiļ¬ed when your customer opens the invoice, and he or she can pay you online right away.

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