Banking Code of Practice

Delphi Bank, a Division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited, has adopted the Code of Banking Practice.

Terms and conditions for all Delphi Bank banking services and guarantee documents to which the Code applies were amended to comply with the Code from 31 July 2012. This means that all loan contracts issued on or after 31 July 2012 have terms which comply with the Code, and all guarantee documents issued on or after 31 July 2012 are subject to a dollar limit, as required by the Code.

However, the disclosures which the Code requires to be given to prospective guarantors will be provided as a standard procedure only in relation to loan applications lodged with Delphi Bank on or after 31 July 2012. Guarantors of loans issued in relation to loan applications which were lodged before 31 July 2012 and which therefore are in progress on 31 July 2012 will not be given the disclosures as a matter of course. However, if they request the disclosures, the information will be provided.

Further information on the Code is also available from the Australian Bankers Association website.